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Monday, January 11, 2016

Homemade Brown Sugar

I'm always looking for ways to cut the grocery bill and decrease the number of things I depend on the grocery store for.  One of the best and easiest things I've found so far is making my own brown sugar.  It is so simple and eliminates the need to buy this overpriced item ever again. 

Brown Sugar
1 Cup white sugar
1/2 - 2  TBS Molasses (amount determines the darkness of the brown sugar)

Place sugar in bowl, Add molasses and stir vigorously until thoroughly mixed. A stand mixer is the easiest to use, but it can be done with a spoon, and count as an upper body workout, too!  You may have to break up clumps with a fork during the mixing process.
Makes about 1 cup packed brown sugar

Creating pantry essentials like this is a way to get back to basics, purchase less items from the grocery stores and eat a more wholesome diet, without all the additives found in today's pre-packaged, processed food.  For me, being a Modern Pioneer, doesn't limit me to only using simple methods, but allows me to simplify my life, using what I have access to, to make basic things that are enjoyed by me and my family.  I can mark Brown Sugar off my grocery list permanently.

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